ORCZ | Goblin Goons – Best Play To Earn Game

ORCZ | Goblin Goons – Best Play To Earn Game

ORCZ | Goblin Goons . Battle Other Owners.

Win Ethereum.

Introducing ORCZ:

The ORCZ faction are storming the gates of Ironstone to join the battle against the Goblin Goons and Ghost Goblins.

Beginning mid-September, owners can join The Battle For Ironstone by holding either a Goblin, Ghost or ORC (releasing August 31st).

Owners can fight each other in head-to-head battles to win a share of ETH from secondary sale royalties. Losers miss out on a chance to win ETH but their NFTs live to fight another day.

One NFT = One Entry to The Battle For Ironstone

Existing owners that hold either a Goblin or a Ghost can mint 1 ORC for free on release day.

Owners receive 1 entry for each warrior they own (Goblins, Ghosts or ORCZ).

For example, if an owner holds 25 warriors, they receive 25 entries to the battle. There is no limit to the amount of warriors each owner can enter.

The Battle For Ironstone will begin 2 weeks after ORCZ release. Owners can join the battle by connecting their Metamask to the Goblin Goons Lair website and pressing ‘Enter’.

Joining the battle is completely free and doesn’t require any gas fees because it takes place off-chain.

A new battle season starts every 2 weeks and owners can re-enter their warriors to win a share of the new prize pool.

Every warrior has at least a 25% chance of winning. However, some warriors are stronger than others and have up to a 75% chance of winning.

Our proprietary algorithm uses each warrior’s rarity ranking to determine its win probability. The ranking of each warrior is very similar to its rank on Rarity Tools.

Each warrior is randomly matched with 3 opponents. The winner of each battle is decided by a combination of chance and rarity ranking.

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ORCZ | Goblin Goons – Best Play To Earn Game

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