MELTDOWN – Best Play To Earn Game

MELTDOWN – Best Play To Earn Game

Meltdown is a post-apocalyptic themed dystopia. For you to survive the nuclear desert, you have to get into the Safezone. It started with just a story, but we are building a whole world around it.

The world has melted down, the resources remaining are scarce.

Only those will Survive who can collect them. However you will need a strong team for this. In this world only three things count. How fast are you. How strong are you. And how smart are you.

The World experienced a major cataclysm. Surviving it is in your hands now.

After the event “Meltdown” our planet is covered in lethal levels of nuclear radiation.

Cities? Destroyed.

Wildlife? Extinct.

Humans? Dead or adapted.

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MELTDOWN – Best Play To Earn Game

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