Fur Brawls – Best Play To Earn Game

Fur Brawls – Best Play To Earn Game


The arrival of Super Bunnies changed the face of our metaverse.

Many people welcomed these cute superheroes..

Others were skeptical, and right to be – noting that some bunnies have a much darker side…

As their powers grew so did the problems, when some bunnies turned into tigers, the world understood there would have to be leaders…

Now, they must fight.

Launching late August 2021 with Super Bunnies which sold out in hours, the team at Fur Brawls have always pushed what is possible with a generative art collection.

Innovations like having two opposing teams, and stats that can be improved in our games, have successfully moved the project into the crypto gaming space.

This has been welcomed and supported by our amazing community, and will ensure – with the first of many games in development already – that Fur Brawls has a long successful life.

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Fur Brawls – Best Play To Earn Game

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