ArenaMon – Best Play To Earn Game

ArenaMon – Best Play To Earn Game

ArenaMon is an exciting online tournament where 10,000 monsters fight against each other on their own for ETHEREUM PRIZES. 50% of our OpenSea royalties are going back to our NFT investors.

Every month, we are organizing an exciting tournament where everyone has a chance to win, even the weakest Gabimon!

Get ready for some adrenaline and amazing prizes! This game has been designed for investors who don’t have a lot of time.

ArenaMon is a game based on probabilities. The tournament is automatic and there isn’t any gameplay at the moment.

It’s just like watching your favourite sports team play and waiting for the result.

Our monsters have 15 different types (flame, hydro, insect, nature, venom, earth, aerial,etc.) Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

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ArenaMon – Best Play To Earn Game

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